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Quality Control

IC Lando QC.

IC Lando have following quality control standard based on ISO9001. We are always take extra care for the quality.
Please contact your IC Lando sales representative for any inquiries.

Acceptance inspection Inspection Method 100% inspection
Inspection Items Invoice check
Visual inspection
Quantity check
RoHS compliant inspection
Inspection record Inspection records are kept on file for 5 years.
Lot number record Lot number records are kept on file
X-ray inspection In compliance with customer's request.
※Compare the x-ray with customer's stock sample
※X-ray test implementation only by experienced X-ray inspection staff.
※Periodic inspection for X-ray test device and file the record for inspection.
X-ray inspection staff Who are authorized by IC Lando can conduct the X-ray inspection
※The inspection staff use the antistatic wrist band and antistatic mat during the inspection.

Store management

Storage method for stock Electrostatic countermeasure room with air-conditioned

Parts number and quantity control Record on stock control note
Storage period 2 years
Over storage period stock Waste electrical and electronic equipment according to Japanese law.
Check list for shipping parts number, quantity, package and invoice check

Shipping Inspection

Inspection Method 100% inspection
Inspection Items to make sure completion of incoming inspection
to verify actual goods
to confirm shipping address
other inspections (if required)
Inspection record Inspection records are kept on file for 5 years.
Packing Materials Antistatic packaging (sealed with vacuum packing equipment)

Responding to client's compliments

Covered Items all the items we deal
The department in charge Sales Department
Failure Analysis In principle, request for Failure Analysis is sent to the manufacture via our purchase route.
(Except for Items which were purchased from the open market)
Corrective Action Report for Non-Conformity
All the issues are handled according to our company policy which complies with ISO9001.
We take corrective and preventative actions to avoid possibility of reoccurrence.

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