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How will the search results be shown up on the screen?

Our customer’s excessive inventory information which appears on the bottom of the retrieval result list screen (See the right figure for your reference) is based on the mainly domestic manufacturers’ inventory.The inventory information of our business partners on the top page is based on mainly both domestic and international distributors’ inventory.However, please understand the stock status is not always the latest since the inventory is informed by the customers on their voluntary basis. Still, our plenty of stock data will be great help for you.Please feel free to send us quotations, and we will respond to you right away.

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The breakdown of the quoted price.

(If not otherwise specified) every price is tax excluded, and freight fee included. However, there is extra consumption tax imposed. In principal, the bank transfer fee will be at your cost as well.

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How long will it be till we receive your quotation?

We usually make efforts to advise you in 3minuts or in 24hours at the latest. However, some quotation takes longer to advise you. We will do our very best to advise you as shortly as we can.

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What is 100% guaranteed?

Firstly, our staff will advise you if the parts are from authorized reseller’s (or manufacturer’s) inventory, or from channel inventory.

◎Authorized reseller’s (or a manufacturer’s) inventory

Although warranty will be set depending on the manufacturer’s warranty scope, you usually have one-year warranty period in principle.

◎Channel inventory.

You have one-year quality assurance period in principal. The “quality assurance” covers the cases that if there is any malfunction on the parts, or if the parts differ from the ones you order. However, in case we need to set additional conditions on the order, the warranty period will need to be reset. In addition, if you concern about the quality, we happily offer you the service which you will have the parts tentatively in order to confirm the quality. Please feel free to use this opportunity.

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Cancel or Change Order

After we accept orders, we cannot change or cancel it.

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Returns and Refunds

We only can accept return and refund in case you could find malfunction on products.

Warranty periods: Generally Retail stock is 1 year and channel inventory is 1 month, unless otherwise provided warranty period. All offers are valid only while supplies last.

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Failure Analysis and Environmental Commitment Analysis

Products from manufacturer and authorized distributor can be responded analysis except for certain supplier.Failure analysis for channel inventory is unacceptable.

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Terms of Payment

We sell product to corporate customer only and cannot sell to individual. (Due to this company rule, Credit card payment is unacceptable)You have several payment options and please apply to us your desired payment method.

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Distribution Channels

We generally purchase products from manufacture and authorized distributor.

Other than that, we purchase from secondary wholesale, our customers’ excess inventory (manufacturer and broker) and distribution stock from all over the world mainly from Japan, North America, Europe and East Asia market.

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Export to Overseas

We can arrange the direct delivery to overseas. For further details, please apply to us.

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On-time Delivery

On-time Delivery is based on organized schedule as a result of discussed with customer (conform to ISO9001, which is Quality Management System)We will achieve our best to meet customers’ expectations.

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Stock Search

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