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How to search inventories and how to send RFQs

  1. 1. How to search inventories

    Our abundant inventory database enables customers to search inventories and send RFQs easily free of charge.

    ※The information shown as ‘Inventory information of our partners’ on the top indicates mainly the data of distributors including overseas. The information shown as ‘Inventory information of our customer’s stock’ at the bottom indicates excess stock information of our client OEMs in Japan.

    When you find part numbers you are searching for, please submit ‘Quotation Cart button.

    You do not need to add the same item number to the quotation cart in case if the same item numbers come up in several lines.

  2. 2. How to send RFQs

    Please enter ‘Part Number’, ‘Manufacture’, ‘Quantity’, ‘Target Price’ and ‘The Desired Delivery Date’. Additionally, you can select whether the parts must be ‘New or not’, ‘Guaranteed or not’, and ‘ROHS compliant or not’. Please log into ‘My Page’ and review all the details you filled in to make sure if they are correct. Please make corrections if you need. After ‘Confirm’ button is submitted, you can complete sending RFQ by submitting  ‘Send RFQ’ button. You will automatically receive an acknowledgment email for your RFQ.Please aware that user registration are required for all users who need to send RFQs beforehand.

  3. 3. How to receive our ‘Quotation’

    A quotation will be sent out by a sales representative by email in a few days after receipt of customer’s RFQs.Customers are also able to check the quotation on ‘My Page’ on our website.

    Written Quotation can be downloaded and printed out through ‘My Page’.

  4. 4. How to arrange payment

    The customers whose business with us is the first time will be contacted by the sales representatives in charge for negotiating payment method. Please notice that we can deal only with companies. We are not able to quote or to sell any items to individuals.

  5. 5. How to deliver items

    We will deliver the goods on the condition of your order.The order will be delivered by local carriers. If you are located outside of Japan, the shipment will be made by international courier such as DHL, FEDEX and UPS and so on. Customers need to have responsibilities for any freight charges by providing us your own account number.

Stock Search

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