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Management of Environment

Corporate Philosophy

IC LANDO INC, always protects the global ecosystem and the natural environment for human happiness and future. Also, we make every effort continuously in order to energize our business activities and we struggle for a sustainable society which keeps producing positive growth cycle of environment and economy.


  1. We promote conservation of natural resources and energy in order to protect the global environment.
    1. We improve business efficiency
    2. We use energy efficiently
    3. We use earth resources efficiently
  2. We observe any laws and regulations on environment. Also we respond to customer’s requests for environmental load regulations.
  3. We prevent environmental pollution, then promote reducing, reusing and recycling wastes.
  4. We identify what our business activities affect for the environment, then, set targets and objectives of environment for which we aim at. We reconsider them when necessary and try to make continuous improvement.
  5. We inform these environmental policies to all the staff. These policies are always open to the public.


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